09 June 2013

Raise Your Vibration With Inelia Benz ~ Shopping For Food

Join Inelia Benz as she goes shopping for food "undercover", guided by consciousness and awareness not only for ourselves, but for Gaia as well. On her shopping list are items which we commonly and frequently purchase like bread, eggs, milk, rice, pasta; she also includes toiletries such as soap, shampoo. Going local, organic and more importantly, exchanging our money/chi for something positive.

Inelia uses to apps to help with her shopping decisions ~ you can find the links at the description section of this 17-minute video.

Note: These apps are currently available in US only, but those outside can still make conscious choices to shop using our own parameters. If we base our shopping decisions on consciousness and make them from a higher state of awareness, that intention alone will be a strong guiding force.

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