09 June 2013

Sheldan Nidle on ET First Contact Radio ~ Hosted by Maarten Horst 18 April 2013

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I didn't take notes when I was listening to this 58-minute radio show, so I can only provide very brief notes about it. However, as it is with Sheldan Nidle, it's filled with lots of information. I remember that he gave more details about the Light Chambers, as well as advice on using discernment and trusting our inner feelings whenever we come across any information that leaves us confused (and there's so much conflicting stuff out there!).

He also talks about becoming a Galactic Human and working with Beings to help spread peace, Love and Light as well as assist in elevating consciousness. He explains how, as Galactic Humans, we learn to cooperate in Unity Consciousness without ego.

Sheldan also asserts that we are "on the verge" of shifting into the period where the processes of attaining full consciousness can begin for each one of us.

Listen to this show here.

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