05 June 2013

Sheldan Nidle Update 4 June 2013

Daylight appearances of ships will increase in an effort to catalyse the formal Disclosure process instead of just waiting for announcements. All that has been undertaken by the Light forces regarding the elevation of consciousness of Humanity have been based on the Four Laws, which are what these higher realms are founded upon. (Sheldan's webinars mention these Sacred Laws which govern Galactic civilisations and shape their societies.)

Our misguided priorities will need to realign so that we can begin to heal ourselves and our environment. Gaia's health will be of paramount importance because she's reached a critical stage and needs to be healed urgently. We need to stand in our own sovereignty so that the Cabal's power over Humanity continues to diminish.

After the Divinely-mandated delay in the Ascension process, the time has come to resume course, and things will be picking up once again.

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