20 June 2013

Solstice and Full Moon ~ Unity Activation and Walk-Through Practice ~ Sandra Walter

More wonderful information coming our way for the Solstice which is almost upon us, so very quickly, a few highlights from Sandra Walter's 23-minute Light Intel video:

  • 5D Unity Consciousness without the veils and illusions now stronger since Equinox
  • Those who are "ready" will be presented with walk-through experience where false constructs of humane genome (fear, ego etc) dissolve may cause physical "glitch" as body feels this "loss"
  • Body may also feel sleepiness as it adapts to higher energies, need to nap to allow "dreamtime"
  • This "walk-through" is on energetic level to get body more accustomed
  • These are initiation steps (from Solstice~June 21 to Full Moon~June 23 and continuing)
  • High Heart / Solar Heart centre is centre for inter-dimensional communication
  • Gaia creating her spiritual Sun thus enabling her "elements" (our bodies) to catch up, provided emotional bodies have been cleared
  • Awakened and Ascending Collective now running Collective Consciousness
  • Set Highest Intent upon waking, noon and before sleep (or take it up another level ~ each moment)
  • Merging of Higher/Lower Self now
  • "My Heart is clear, I Am Clear, my fields are clear" be in state of clarity.
Read and watch more here.

**Micro-wormholes in the highest quality DNA within all of my cells, open and align with the external portals which are presenting right now. Let me receive the Light and energy signatures of the true human genome, the new template, the Supreme Light that I Truly Am. I Am ready to receive, let it present.

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