02 June 2013

Some Startling Revelations Are Shortly To Be Disclosed ~ Saul via John Smallman

Saul acknowledges that we are all tired from being told that the end of the old is to happen "soon", and alludes to the fact that we may even feel conned by all those reassurances that did not come to pass. In spite of what hasn't happened, Saul asserts in this message that the end is in sight, and that we should hold on to our faith in the Divine Plan, which is unfolding in unseen ways. He assures us that the Dark has lost control and power, and it is a matter of course before they are completely removed. They are also children of God, and will eventually return to the Light. We  are advised to withhold judgement against them, as this is not the nature of Love, which is our true essence.

Please read the complete message here.

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