18 June 2013

Transcension : Moving Beyond Duality ~ Lauren C Gorgo

Lauren updates us with yet another validation that we are certainly moving somewhere! It's a positive indication that we are indeed moving beyond duality, and that we are making progress. Although it's a great message, I will admit that one sentence literally jumped out at me, and that is:

"...there were moments where I wondered if I was literally slipping from reality, feeling afraid that I had gone completely mad from the absolute frustration of being trapped in this never-ending process…what I imagine to be hell."

I totally understand Lauren's words, because recently I had a long moment where a huge wave of panic welled up when I thought "OMG what if I'm trapped in this insane reality forever?". It was not fun, I assure you. Thankfully that truly awful moment passed eventually.

Read Lauren's update here ~ this is the free version.

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