18 June 2013

Water ~ Liquid Crystals That Raise Our Vibrations

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The Ascension process that Mother Earth and Humanity are going through in this incredible time can mean different things to different people, depending on how they choose to perceive it, and how they best understand it. It can get very mind-boggling if we look at the entirety of this Cosmic historical event. For me, I like distilling massive complex undertakings into very simple, digestible bite-sized nuggets. So I see this process, as I've mentioned before in earlier writings, simply as the embracing and integration of Light. When this happens, darkness is transmuted into Light, thereby changing the vibrational frequency into much higher levels, and therefore ascending to a higher dimension. 

This has been my guiding principle and it's been how I primarily view Ascension. Of course, there's all those mega-factors of bringing Truth out, liberating Humanity, living in Unity and Higher Consciousness, and more. But essentially, I see it as Light.
Vivaldi's "Four Seasons - Summer

And this is how I view Water, which I've touched on in earlier writings. Lately, I've come to a better appreciation of how Water and Light are part of the Ascension equation, and what I'll do now is to consolidate as much as I am able to in one post. Get that cuppa...

The key to my better understanding of this blessed element is its crystalline nature. We ourselves are evolving from being carbon-based to crystalline-based, as this is one of the crucial transformations that we need to achieve for our own physical elevation into higher dimensions. We will need to transform our dense carbon into crystalline-form in order to hold more Light, and therefore accommodate higher frequencies. As we know, crystals are solidified Light, capable of amplifying and transmitting energie; this is the basis for what follows.

The natural structure of Water is crystalline. We know this thanks to Dr Emoto (view his website). In its pure, unadulterad state, Water exhibits beautiful crystal formations. When contaminated with negative energies (harmful substances either in matter, thought, word or intention) they mutate into distorted shapes, losing their crystalline structure. In other words, contaminated Water is no longer crystalline. They therefore lose their “magic”, becoming “dead” and devoid of Light, or the ability to hold Light. This, I feel, is so critical for us to constantly remind ourselves.

It is therefore imperative to drink living Water with crystalline structures.

The composition of our bodies is mainly Water. This is another factor we need to remember, but more of this later.

How do we ensure that we drink Water that is alive, having healthy, gorgeous crystals without having to procure it from somewhere untainted by Humanity? Thanks to Dr Emoto and his work on Water, that can be done with very little effort or money.

"Love" on cut-out felt, used as a coaster
Programming Water With Words
Just like we are able to program crystals, we can do the same for Water. Much has been written about this by many, and I'll repeat it here because it's been proven scientifically (to quell woo-woo fears), and it's the simplest yet highly effective.
*Write a positive, high-vibrational word like Love (always a good one!), Harmony, Health, Joy, Peace, etc on a label and stick it to your Water-jug
*Write it on a coaster or laminated paper and place your glass of Water on it (I write it on cut-out felt)
*Bless or thank your Water before drinking
*Send a wave of love to your Water before drinking

I"tachyonised"common glass beads
Zero-point Devices 
*Orgonite: Use orgonites to re-charge with with zero-point energy. You can make them yourself, or purchase fairly inexpensive Tower Busters and place them next to your Water.
*Tachyon: Place Water next to (or on) tachyon device. I'm aware they can be costly, but you can tachyonise items on your own after being attuned for it yourself. What I've done is to receive an attunement from Ole Gabrielsen  and then I tachyonise items (such as glass coasters) for my family and me to use. Definitely a worthwhile investment!

Solfeggio Frequencies
528 Hz, the Love frequency, can be used to restructure Water (thanks to work by Dr Horowitz).There are several variations of this available (freely) on the Internet; choose one that you like and play it for your Water. It will Love you for it! Plus you get to “smudge” your environment with this wonderful frequency. I personally like Jandy Rainbow's Global Love Intention (free) and Alpha Release Love Flow (purchased here).

John Lennon's "Imagine"
Proven positive results have been demonstrated with music by Bach, Mozart and Beethoven. I believe lots of New Age music are also beneficial. Dr Emoto's website shows that John Lennon's evocative and Universal "Imagine" produced well-formed crystals! It's been said that this song was tuned to 444Hz (which produces healing tones) as opposed to 440 Hz (the "standard" that was forced upon the music industry by the Dark in 1939). 

I've recently incorporated this whenever I can – I leave my Water where the morning sun casts its glorious Light and I can almost imagine its sparkling energy positively invigorating the Water! Remember, Sunlight cleanses crystals, and Water has crystals :) 

Shungite has been said to be good for cleansing and energising Water, but I have no experience with it. I'm thinking that “clearing” crystals such as Citrine, Selenite (don't soak this!) and Kyanite can also be used, but I'm not completely sure since I haven't used crystals for re-structuring Water. This is just based on my own suppositions, so please use your own judgement. 

Energise Water
I do this Reiki-style. Just place your hands over your Water for a while and send Universal Love energy to it.

There are many more techniques that we can use, but these are the ones that I practice (except for using crystals). For example, Dr Emoto's experiments also include showing photos of the Sun and Dolphins to Water and obtaining complex crystal formations.

All the above are very simple, very do-able and basic techniques we can use to help raise our vibrations and boost our health through Water intake, something that we do several times a day, every day. Related to this simple principle, we can apply the same techniques to something that contains a lot of water...our own physical bodies! More than half the composition of our biological vessel is water ~ we can apply the same techniques to our own body to increase Light assimilation and vibrational frequency.
Everything is energy in some state of vibration, or having the potential of higher/lower vibration. To raise our vibrations means raising our rate of frequencies, or becoming more Light-filled, until we vibrate fast enough to transcend to a higher dimension. Furthermore, Barbara Marciniak's "Bringers of the Dawn" taught that Light is knowledge. Light carries with it codes specifically meant to unlock and activate all that has remained dense or dormant within the Human body template for so very long. And this is another story altogether :) 

Let's raise that glass of glorious liquid crystals aka Water, and raise our vibrations!

**All  Water crystal images from Hado USA

PS. I would also like to mention this for us to keep in mind. When our pineal gland is activated, it will act as an antenna for receiving higher-level information, transmissions, codes and frequencies for our Ascension. These are constantly beamed to us through the Cosmos. Guess what? Our pineal gland has microcrystals! All we need to do is to flood our pineal gland with all that glorious Light to activate it!

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