22 July 2013

Andrew Bartzis ~ Galactic History and Future ~ Shattering the Matrix Radio Show

Here is another presentation of our unimaginably and unbelievably uber-complex Galactic History, this time as interpreted by Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzis, from the perspective of the Akashic Records. Generally, much of the information ties in with those from other sources and serve to piece together more pieces of the Galactic History puzzle.

Andrew is linked not only to the Akashic Records of Earth, but also 20,000 other planets, all of which are karmically-connected to this Planet. This 2-hour show is crammed with historic information of what happened in the ancient past, and how it all led to the situation that Earth Humans are now in. Andrew also brings us up-to-date with the current situation, and how Prime Creator stepped in to resolve a Galactic stale-mate, which was the pre-cursor to what Andrew calls "the paradox remedial reality" ~ the reality we are living in now.

These are the notes that I took, but please know that they do not cover all that transpired.
  • Timeline genocides 52 MY (million years ago) and the 72 first species of Earth
  • Timeline manipulation used to erase each of these races, resulting in 35-40 paradox situations
  • 7-22 MY ~ missing pieces of Soul which can only be retrieved through resolution of paradox reality
  • 60 MY Earth formed (60 times current size), new 6D-Being Planet, invited other races to colonise. Plan was to be 7D Galactic Seed Planet (the only one so far) with special womb chakras that allowed sentient beings to live on surface and have DNA constantly upgraded, then seed and create other planets; like a living library (as explained in Barbara Marciniak's Bringers of Dawn) 
  • Moon ~ transportation portal to transfer these seed codes
  • Concept of war introduced into this Galaxy from another, with permission from respective Prime Creators of both Galaxies. This was to induce change, but resulted in Earth being captured, wounded
  • Earth sent out urgent distress call for help and this triggered massive migration of races from other systems to liberate and heal her. Known as First Migration to Heal Earth
  • Light and Dark wars fought on Earth
  • 15 Dark beings took over Earth to "play chess", they created Archon Grid and major soul family relations
  • They now form 17% of Earth Humans (those in control)
  • We are Stargates and have "built-in passports" to travel to any Universe
  • The remedy to our present situation? Take back our Sovereignty and claim our I Am Presence in Unity Consciousness
  • 100% Free Will Universe so it's up to us to choose our own liberation
  • Dark wants to prevent Ascension
  • Polarity of Light/Dark is still Duality
  • Prime Creator's design = our DNA allows inter-breeding with all other races
  • Audit of Galactic Council 20-22 March 2013, they failed!
  • Prime Creator replaced Council and this affected all other systems that serviced it eg. Archon Grid, Illuminati
  • Paradox remedy reality where we created paradox to facilitate Soul reintegration of those trapped in timeline genocides
  • LW community should heal and cleanse themselves first
  • Many channellings already hijacked by Dark, also if claims are made that they are incarnated as "someone" such as St Germaine
  • 65% of population have "Graduation Code" and all must accept this code for remedy to work
  • Contract removals statements on www.AndrewBartzis.com
  • "No one graduates until we all graduate"
  • Salt and Sage smudging very effective
  • Anastasia books very informative (Ringing Cedars series)
  • 4 phases of The Event (at 1:32:00 mark) *Children sharing similar dreamtimes  *Adults experience deja vu and having similar dreamtimes as children  *Religious breakdown   *Manifestation of air (light?) cities
  • We are the fundamental missing pieces that some other worlds need to graduate ~ we are holding them up!
  • When all of us have complete Soul Code for graduation, it triggers Graduation Event
  • "Stand in your Sovereign Free Will".
Here is the link to the 2-hour radio show on Blog Talk Radio.

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