28 September 2013

Amazing Energetic Shift Felt ~ Meline Lafont 27 September 2013

This is the second message that I've seen today that really echoes my own experience of what's been happening, pre- and post-Equinox, the first one being Sandra Walter, which I posted here.

I had the blessed opportunity to actually discuss the experience with someone last night who also expressed the same I-don't-know-how-to-describe-it sentiments; I will try to write about it perhaps tomorrow.

Here, Meline Lafont speaks about her own events, calling it a "huge shift" after the consciousness-expanding (and explosive!) energies of the Equinox which we've come out of..."on the other side", literally! Meline reports a sense of lightness and freedom (as with Sandra Walter), as if her last cords from the old have been completely severed. She also says that "we've crossed the bridge", which is exactly what I felt so strongly yesterday.

Hear Meline explain it in this 7-minute video.

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