07 September 2013

Ashtar From The Bridge ~ Susan Leland 5 September 2013 and 27 August 2013

There are two messages here, quite long but really good read. There's some information pertaining to the tension in Syria and its implications, especially when it's so close to 9-11 (September 11th). Both these messages came in through email, and since I can't locate the source for the August message, I'll just reproduce both of them in full. I feel that the information is important, so do try to get through both.

Keywords: NO NUKES! Power of Love. Love Prevails. Obama. ALL IS NOT WHAT IT SEEMS!

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Ashtar - Bulletin from The Bridge
"Greetings, Beloved Family!  We shall be engaging in a most important Gathering on Tuesday next!*  For it shall be a very special and High Dimensional Program of Peacemaking, and we do invite you all to participate!!!
"This particular date is most significant for reasons obvious - and not so obvious.  Your World's Humanity is clamoring for Peace, and yet the warmongers are doing all in their power to inspire another war.  What better time to mount their program to attack Syria than close to the anniversary time of 9-11-2001, which thus far has served as their excuse for going to war in Iraq and Afghanistan?!!!
"Now, you already know that it was a dark hat black op which staged 9-11.  And, you may suspect that the chemical weapons used in Syria - which were very real - were another black op, ordered and carried out by the same ones.  In this you are very correct!
"What is different in this moment is that the control held by the dark hats is literally imploding, like the towers they destroyed.  You see, they have been staging black op events for many, many years, in order to lead Humanity into countless wars and violent events.  The leaders of these ones are thinking that they can continue indefinitely with their same activities - so strong is their programming.  And, we understand how it is that there is much confusion among the people, with all of the stories and rumors circulating - often contradictory and with some outright lies mixed in!
"Added to this is the role which President Obama continues to play. In this instance he is asking Congress to vote for going to war in Syria.  ALL IS NOT WHAT IT SEEMS!!!  What you need to know is this is all part of an 'unmasking' plan.  Obama has the full support of Faction 3, the Ascended Masters, the Ashtar Command, and all who come to Planet Earth to assist in the bringing of Peace and the Golden Age!!! 
"However, we, in turn,  need Humanity's support to bring our plan to fruition with the greatest possible speed.  We assure you that there is a most joyful outcome for you - it is only the length of your time it will take to achieve it which is indefinite, and which can be considerably shortened by you!  We shall be in sacred and empowering support of our plan in our Gathering, for its success lies in the making of Peace - NOT WAR!!!
"Never has Planet Earth come so close to enjoying the 'Peace That Passeth All Understanding,' as paradoxical as that might seem to you.  We ask that you join with us to exponentially increase this extraordinary Peacemaking opportunity!  I shall be explaining in more detail why your participation is so urgently requested.  Mother Sekhmet shall be leading us in a High Dimensional Crystal Peacemaking Exercise.  And, we shall have a special Blessing from Sananda to inspire Peace where it must begin, which is in each individual Heart!!!  Salut!"
*Our next Ashtar On The Road Teleconference be on Tuesday, September 10, 2013. 
Given through Susan Leland, September 4, 2013. www.AshtarontheRoad.com
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Ashtar - We Are Empowering Peace with Love!     
Ashtar On The Road Teleconference - August 27, 2013
"Greetings Beloved Family!  We welcome you to The New Jerusalem!  We are on The Bridge, and we welcome you all.  We have the room and we have out what you call the 'red carpet.' We are so joyful that you choose to come and be with us during this time of togetherness!
"We are always available to you, and we cannot emphasize enough that you all have permanent boarding passes.  You are Ashtar Command ground crew in human uniforms.  That’s right! And just because we tell you that you are Ashtar Command ground crew does not mean that you are constantly aboard the ship, although most of you are, but some of you are ambassadors who simply travel upon our ships to go about your High Dimensional business where you exist in other realms.
"Even if you do not have a clear image of what you might have been doing as an Ashtar Command member, know that for one reason or another you have all, and are all, upon our ships!  The reason that we distinguish is that we honor the fact that you have chosen to put yourselves into the 3D atmosphere, or energy.  You have all chosen to let that veil, that memory camouflage, be with you during this lifetime and others.  For some of you it no longer exists, for some of you it is still quite thick - it matters not.
"You are all, in truth, High Dimensional Beings who have engaged yourselves, or encased yourselves, which is an even better word, in the costume of the human so that you could, for one last lifetime, experience not only what might seem all new to you, in the way of traumas and dramas, and joys and raptures.  But for the purpose of being Leaders into the Light, or Holders of the Light, Bearers of the Light - however you choose to see yourselves – hold up a torch like Lady Liberty because that’s who you are, only you radiate from the entirety of your beings, even when you may not be feeling quite so radiant, You Are!!!
"You have an air about you which is a different kind of an energy emission than that coming from many who are currently in other human costumes upon your Planet.  And you know that you are Lightworkers, you have chosen the way of the Light, the path of the Light and you are on the Ascension path!  You are aware that there are those who are still clinging to the dark.
"The Light is shining so bright everywhere that even those that are the most recalcitrant, the ones who are the most determined to continue in their old ways, are not able to do so any longer, and about all that they can think of to do is lie.  Now, we have told you many times that we have disabled the nukes, and there will be a time forthcoming when all weapons of destruction are disabled!  We are already engaged in cleaning up many of the toxicities.
"You yourselves, have the same capabilities that we have, within your own energy fields!!!  This might seem a little far out, but the reality of it is that when you recognize that You Are Love and that Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe, you can bring yourselves into so much loving energy that you create and radiate throughout your beings, so that whatever it is that you feel the need to clear, you can do yourselves!  However, we shall say that this is a big gigantic leap for some of you, and for the most of you it is seeming to be a bit out of reach.
"Here you are on The New Jerusalem.  How much higher do you think you have to reach?  And we’ll address that anyway, when we join Sekhmet on her Crystal Ship.  But in the meantime we are with you, we are partnering with you in all aspects and phases of what you might call the Greatest Transition that Planet Earth has ever made; and that is of course, the Ascension leap! But it is not one big giant leap, as you are finding out.
"December 21st of last year was a bit of a surprise to those of you who thought it was all going to happen in one gigantic instantaneous leap!  As has happened so much of the time in the past - and this goes back two thousand years ago and more - there have been delays.  And to those of you who thought you were going to suddenly be up, up and away into 5D and higher, we will only tell you that you, yourselves played a part - even though you may not have been consciously aware of it - you played a part in just easing the process along, instead of a giant leap!
"It was because you said – your compassionate Heart said – we want everybody to go who wants to go.  And there were people who wanted to go but they didn’t know it yet, so the process was not completed on 12-21.  Oh yes, it’s going to be completed -you’re all scheduled, you’re all looking like you’re moving way forward on that path.  We don’t see anyone in this Gathering who is not.  You are all going to get there!!!
"But it is the story, again.  See a line-up of children who are deemed to have some disabilities.  They are at the starting line. One of them is wearing a dark hat and the others are all wearing hats of white - in this I am embellishing a bit - allow me please. As they move along the track the race begins, and it is what you call the Special Olympics, and this is a true story and it happened in a place called Seattle, Washington several years ago in your time.
"As they moved forward on the track, one of them stumbled and fell, and it was the dark hat - like I said I’m adding a bit here for the sake of getting the vision.  And what did the white hats do? They stopped, they turned around, they went back and helped the little dark hat to his feet.  They held hands, and they all walked to that finish line together.  Now have you got the picture? Of course you have!
"We love you so much and we honor that you have free will, and if you say, 'Slow it down a bit because we want to get everyone to come with us', this is exactly what has been honored - your free will, your sovereign, free will!  But that doesn’t mean the process has stopped.  You have also reached what you call the critical mass point, where you are saying, 'Lets get it done, let’s at least get to the Golden Age!'  That’s the first major, major stop along the way, and it’s really not a stop it’s more like a catch-your-breath and breathe the air of the Freedom from the dark hats and all of the programs they have instilled, and it’s to change everything and to have everyone be able to be freed up!!!
"You don’t have to work three jobs anymore, or live in the streets, or the slums, or be sick, because we are here in partnership.  We’re cleaning up the Planet and once we get these Announcements completed we’ll be moving forward at faster-than-light speed, actually warp speed, exponentially, to get all of that completed!  And everyone on the Planet will be freed up to participate in whatever way they have passion and Heart to do.
"So even though we have already begun, because there are some things that could have completely destroyed Planet Earth, we are answering your call.  For instance, the disabling of the nukes - we have spoken of this before, you heard it confirmed in the A&A Report** just now – NO MORE NUKES!!!  We are cleaning up what you call radioactive contamination.  Oh yes, we know there are stories all over the internet: 'Don’t eat fish from the Pacific Ocean; don’t breathe the air; watch out if you go in an airplane because the jet streams have all of this contamination!'  Beloved Ones, you haven’t come this far to have your population die out or be decimated in any way by radioactivity.
"Yes, there is some, and yes, it has already caused the separation of some from their physical bodies, but for the majority of Planet Earth this is not the scenario that is going to happen.  It’s not happening now because we are taking care of the worst of it.  We have technologies to do it!
"Like I said, you can do it with your Love Power fully engaged. Let’s call it  'Moving on to warp speed and putting out the Love!' And that is the best shield you could possibly have, not just for your physicalities but for the totality of your beings, for the totality of your energy fields.  Love prevails.  And that LoveLight is for you to find within your own Hearts, first and foremost.  Call upon us - we’ll hold your hands any place that you want to go, anytime that you want to come up and visit us on the ships, or if you are just going to drive your car to the grocery store.  Call upon us to assist you in energizing your own powershields, because we love it when you reach to us in Love and you say, 'Power me up even more, let me feel your Love!!!'
"You know, that is why we do these calls.  We understand that you like the information and we understand that you enjoy the visions that we give you and so on, and we are very happy to do so, but the main reason for you to be here is to join in a kind of a Communion with us to share the energies of Love, and it’s a two way street - actually is circular but we won’t go into the quantum physics of it.  Suffice it to say, that we share with you, and you share with us.  And you will feel it even more as we proceed through this call!
"When you feel it, when you tingle or have goose-bumpies or whatever - however you feel it - that is another way for you to power up your own energies.  It goes way beyond that, it’s a way for you to empower yourselves, it’s a way for you to keep yourselves in the Higher Regions, or Areas of Dimensionality! When we said a few words ago that it is more than just your physicality that we’re talking about here - think about it.  Think about all the fear-based messages that are coming out.
"It is to try to get you into fear because that is what has kept the dark hats in power all of these eons of time.  So, they are running, they are scurrying.  Have you ever seen what happens when you lift up a rock at the seashore and all of the little creatures start scurrying because the Light is upon them?  Think of little crabs running each way in total pandemonium, in confusion.  That’s exactly what the dark hats are looking like right now! They are bumping into each other, they are selling each other out, as you say.  They are doing everything they can, shall we say, to not be scooped up in our nets, which are quite different from what they are thinking is going to happen to them if they are caught!
"We scoop them up with Love.  They aren’t expecting that.  We are offering them every opportunity to do a change of hats.  We are more than happy to do a Ceremony with them!  They take off their dark hats, and we anoint them, literally, with the white hats, and we take the dark hats and right in front of them we invite them to just toss the hats into the violet flame!!! St Germain stands with the violet flame, and Archangel Michael stands with the Sword Excalibur and waves it so that they see the Truth of the Light, the Truth of the Light of Love!
"It’s so that they understand that in Love is their safety; so that they understand that if they choose to put on the white hats -which of course, are a symbol - that they, too, can find the 'Peace That Passes All Understanding' in their own Hearts, that they too can come with you on this wondrous journey called Ascension, this journey Home.  And so it is with this Great Forgiveness that we anoint them!
"We tell you that Forgiveness is as Sananda put it in The Course -you know The Course*** - it is called the absence of judgment.  It is true that they are headed for what you call your courts of judgment.  That has to happen because unlike you who are here and hearing the Truth, those who do not yet know the Truth must be informed!  The Truth must come out.  But it is what you call, tempered with Love.  That is, everything that we express to them is from the perspective of Love. That is Higher Dimensional!
"They have free will, even though they might be in chains, standing before a judge, in the Court of the World.  They still have the Freedom to accept or not - to accept the Light, to accept the Love!  To start over, as it were.  And just what each and every one of them will do isn’t fully known at this moment. We can only tell you that many have decided to do what you call, the clean-up of their act!  Because it’s all an act, it’s all a dramatic act.  But the consequences that they have presented to the World have been very real and very destructive, and very difficult for you to look upon - even if you live in a country which has never been invaded, which has never, in this lifetime, known war as it exists.
"This country of the United States of America, and the country of Canada have been invaded many times - by your ancestors, among others - but in this lifetime of yours, some of you have never gone where there is actually a war in progress.  However, all of you are well aware of the consequences of war.  And we tell you this: it is the wars and everything that has been done to foment the wars of the modern age, as you put it - although wars have been ongoing for eons - with these horrendous weapons of destruction - you call them WMD’s – weapons of mass destruction, that have been so horrific.
"Your soldiers return home from foreign lands and they are scarred - maybe not physically, but emotionally and mentally. And that is yet another reason to put this Circle of Light around yourselves first, and then around all who have any kind of intrusion into their high vibrations, into their energy fields. Whether it is what you call 'Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome;' whether it is simply somebody who watches the news every night and gets more and more fearful that something terrible is about to happen because they are being bombarded with those kinds of stories; whether it is a child coming in to your neighborhood who has no home, no food - whatever it is, there are plenty of horrors available for everyone to avail themselves of.  We suggest that you do not!!!
"We do suggest that you look higher, aim higher, and surround yourselves with the Highest of all energies, which is Love.  Get yourselves raised up as High as you can and then ground yourselves, stand tall, stand firm, because September is going to be a month of a lot of shaking!  It has to be shaking up, it has to be dislodging, that is, turning over the rocks, where the last and the most stubborn of the dark energies are hiding.
"It may well be the month when, to celebrate the anniversary of what you call 9-11, the Truth is finally told in so many places that everybody is going to get it!  Now, we will add to this that everyone already knows!  This has been proven, the Consciousness knows, and the Consciousness of the World knows that Love is the only answer.  Out of Love comes Peace and Joy and Truth.  That’s right - Truth, because everybody needs to know the Truth and they need to know the real Truth, and the same Truth!!!
"We’re just telling you that from our perspective, as we look upon your timeline, September could be a month of shocking Truth!  That is why we say to ground yourselves.  Ground yourselves well, partner with Mother Gaia to do that, and instead of being afraid that this or that might happen, remember to put the Light around you everywhere and circulate it within the totality of your energy fields.
"Now is the time for you to shine forth even brighter, your Truth – the Truth – Who You Really Are, the Oneness We Are, the Love which is what all of us are made from, and it’s a time to cast out forever and evermore, any little remnants that might be sticking around that aren’t as bright as you are shining!!!  There could be something from a past life.
"We’re going to suggest that you do something that you may not have thought of doing and that is, if you don’t know what it is and you don’t even know if there is anything there, ASK!!!  Ask yourselves and the Divine Beings you are, from the One We All Are, from the Love.  Call upon Mother/Father God, any of your Guides or Angels - any of us.  We are at your service, if you want to have someone else take a look at your energy fields!  Or just look in the mirror and greet the Divine God/Goddess You Are, and call forth whatever it might be.
"Here’s a little secret for you - you don’t even have to identify it! You’ve come so far along that you are past that.  You don’t need to do past-life regression or hypnosis, or go to a counselor, or what you call the doctor of psychiatry, you can do it all yourselves, stand in front of the mirror.  If you have a power tool use it.  You’ve got a wand? Wave it.  Whatever you want to do, but do it, initiate it, make an appointment with yourselves and just simply say, 'I greet the Divine Being I Am, and I call forth anything that may be a lesser light than the Love I Am, and I call it forth and put it in front of me and I put the violet ray on it…' or whatever you want to do.  Use your own clearing, however you choose to do it.
“You are all commanders, you all have the power to command whatever it is that you choose to call forth, and it may sound like an oversimplification – 'Ashtar, I’ve spent hours of my life meditating and doing my clearings' – yes, if you need a clearing help you can go to one such as Eli,**** who can get up into the Higher Dimensions!  We are not belittling anybody, whether they have initials after their names or not, but we are telling you that you can stand in front of the mirror and look at yourselves and call forth whatever needs to be cleared.
"And if your guidance tells you to get somebody who is also in a human body to help you, or to call upon Sananda, or anyone you choose, then go from that point.  But simply to know if there is something there that you want to clear - you have the power to do that yourselves and you don’t need anyone else to look at you to tell you if there is something there or not!!!  You can just go from there.
"And why are we going into all of this at such great lengths? We’re going in to this because we’re having a Love-in here, and we’re going to get High together – Higher, Higher, Higher. The High will last as long as you want it to, but it’s a good idea to do a little bit of a check-in because you are still wearing your human uniforms and there might be something, somewhere in your energy fields.  When you are High it isn’t there!  Did you know that?  It can’t come with you.
"So when you are High you don’t think about it.  The Voice doesn’t feel any of her aches and pains - she doesn’t complain or even think about complaining.  Why?  Because she’s up in a Higher energy.  She has to be in order to bring this through!  But tomorrow might be a different story.  How long does the High last?  None of you are where the High lasts 'one hundred and ten percent,' as you might say, or '24/7' as you say.
"None of you are there yet.  You’re here with us on The Bridge, that’s true, but you are not High all the time.  You are multi-locating.  Not bi-locating, multi locating, and you have presence in many, many dimensions!  You do have a presence in 3D because you’ve still got these physical bodies, and you have responses mentally and emotionally, and yes spiritually, and so on, to physical events that are taking place in 3D.  So yes, take yourselves up and out of 3D but it is always good to do a check.
"You know, we do not get on to The New Jerusalem and just take off.  We have to do a thorough checking-up in every department on every floor, and with every member of our crew fully engaged!  It’s a pre-departure check up of all of the systems upon the ship.  We have many, many people coming on board.  We said 'people' – we shall say 'beings' - from many places and they are representatives of many levels of Dimensionality and we have to be sure that the atmosphere on The New Jerusalem can accommodate everybody, including yourselves.
“We have to have, for instance, air that you can breathe when you come on board with your physical bodies, and that is imminent!   For now you are here without your physical bodies because you’re not quite ready to jump on board The New Jerusalem, or any of our ships, or any of your own, except in your Higher Dimensional forms.  And not any of you need oxygen in the way that you do now, when you are in your Higher Dimensional forms!
"However we are not intending to be extremely technical here. We are just saying, do your own check-ups, then just go from there.  Then by all means, if you need a helper, an advisor - in body or not - go from there.  GET IT DONE!!!  This is your month to polish up your shines, to light your Lights up to the fullest and then keep going, to bring yourselves into Higher Dimensionality as a more permanent dwelling place - in other words, where your Consciousness is, more and more!  You can all do it.  You all have the tools and the empowerment.  All that you need to do is plant your feet and stand tall, or sit tall, or do it as you go to your sleeping times, and do it!!!
"Alright, that’s a kind of a pep talk, isn’t it?  And I enjoy whatever I can do to inspire and assist you, because that is the main mission of the Ashtar Command!  It is to assist Planet Earth and all of its wondrous beings to ascend.  It’s just that simple - that is our mission in a nutshell!!!  Along the way, as we have told you, things could be a little rough and bumpy.  Love everyone - start with yourselves!  Be the Radiant Beings You Are, and you are going to have a trip or a journey on your Paths that is absolutely as smooth as you choose to make it!  And that is the point of this message.
"We love you all and we are in service to you and with you, and we congratulate you on your progress, because you have all progressed exponentially!  So we thank you, Beloved Ones, for being with us, now and always.  We shall have now a message of even more Love from One who is with us as a Representative of the Kumara family, and she is of course, our Beloved Mother Mary.*****
"So I thank you, Beloved Ones, and I say to you that we love you beyond all words!  And so it is. Salut!"
*     Ashtar was introduced by his chosen song, Come The New Jerusalem
**    Tara and Rama's A&A Report
***   The Course in Miracles, Given by Yeshua Sananda, published by The Foundation for Inner Peace, 1975.
****  Eli Galla, http://oholful.com .
Transcription by Brian Coe.
Given through Susan Leland, August 27, 2013. www.AshtarontheRoad.com
© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2013.All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted. 

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