15 September 2013

Crystalline Body, Heart-Space Opening, Change in the Brain, Conscious Interaction ~ Meline Lafont

Meline Lafont shares with us what's currently occurring with our physical bodies at this phase of the Ascension process. She emphasizes grounding as an effective method to assist with the symptoms (that's what she advised me earlier when I left a comment on a different post; I normally only ground when meditating, but she said to do it often, which I did, and it worked!). Our Heart Centre is also opening wide to allow for higher consciousness, and this can lead to over-sensitivity. She also feels the etheric heart is gradually "taking over" the physical heart. Our gifts are also coming on-line.

Our head space is also undergoing a lot of upgrades, with the Pineal Gland receiving much attention from the Arcturians. Metatron also explained that our Crystalline transformation has 7 levels, with the first one manifesting as our cells opening up for activation, and the final one as formless pure Energy.

Her encounter with SaLuSa helped her to understand why the Galactics seem to be taking their time to make a mass appearance; our physical selves may go into fear. Also, it's time for us to get to work, no more "experiencing", playing or processing. Keep supporting each other! Many wonderful events will be unfolding.

For more, please view this 43-minute video here.

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