07 September 2013

David Wilcock Update ~ 4 September 2013

David Wilcock updated his latest article "Rev.Michael Announces Synchronicity Key as #8 NY Times Bestseller" with the following:


I do want to mention something else here as well. Once I have better internet access at my next location, I will probably write a new post about this, perhaps early next week.

The insider leaks on the efforts to defeat the Cabal had dried up for a while these past few months, at least within my own immediate contacts -- but not now.

There are some very encouraging pieces of news I've been hearing that could explain why I've been pounded with such intense dreams preparing us for something really big -- and positive.

Only a few of those dreams have been released here, due to time constraints -- but there have been a number of them lately.

At this point I want to be extremely careful about specifics, and only reveal things publicly that would help the effort, rather than hinder it.

Let me just say that if the things I'm hearing are true, it verifies and further extends what we've been hearing from both Neil Keenan and Fulford lately.

This new information came to me from three different sources.

One of those sources got completely independent verification of key details from three separate insider contacts, with very high-level access.

If I were to write down what I heard, it would polarize the audience. Some people would believe it and think it is amazing, and others would refuse to believe it.

I really do hope we see action and not just more talk. If the action does happen, it will be the most significant historical event in any of our lifetimes.

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