30 September 2013

The New Earth ~ Time To Play Catch-Up With Gaia

All things considered, that was a rather pleasant and "tame" Equinox that just passed. Please don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that it was a breeze to live through the past two weeks...it's just that we've integrated and released (is that a paradox or what?) so much over the past decade or more, it sort of gets easier as we go along, easier to cut through the 3D-mesh of illusions, and definitely easier to not dissolve into drama.

And when I said "tame", I don't mean the intensity of the energies. They are certainly far from that! It's like the Heavens unleashed numerous torrents of Light codes and frequencies, bombarding everything and everyone here on the Planet. In my meditation, I saw little toroid fields taking hold all over, each one meant to activate and energise the areas they were in. Another thing I noticed in meditation is that there wasn't very much energetic "muck" left to be dredged up by the Golden Diamond Light. It seemed to me that so much clearing had been occurring this year that much of it has been transmuted.

The past nine months saw us stretching even higher in our spiritual growth, and at the same time, reaching even deeper within ourselves to reveal more and more of our Divine essence and allowing that to be present in our daily lives. It wasn't enough to just read or talk about becoming a Higher Dimensional Being, we had to actually BE that. I call it a practice run :) I feel that the time for practising will end soon, so best to practice like crazy now.

On the 27th after the Equinox, I felt a very perceptible shift in energies. I didn't know what it was then, and didn't think too much about it because we've had so many energetic shifts over the past two years that I thought it was just another upward cycle we were going through. Soon enough, I realised that this was not the case. My energy field felt different...lighter, almost care-free. I had a sense of joy that wasn't "deep" (like in meditation); there was a lightness about it. I felt free, unencumbered. I then knew that something major had successfully taken place. I felt with certainty that we had moved into a new space.

Let me explain further by going back to the December 2012 Solstice (yes, again...sigh...). After the 3-day zombie-like experience (from 21-23 December 2012, which some sources called "the three days of darkness" where we went through a life review), 2013 had pretty much been a phase of limbo. This was interspersed with periods of frustration, anxiety, numbness, being vacant or "not here", fleeting moments of deep connectedness, all in turn. It was like we were disconnecting so much from the old that we no longer resided there much, and yet we had no where to "land".

But with the recent post-Equinox development on the 27th, I finally-finally-finally felt that I had a footing in the "new". It was incredible and yet "normal" at the same time. I still don't quite know how best to describe it. One thing I can definitely find words for is this: WE MADE IT!!!

That same night on the 27th, I had the wonderful opportunity to connect with a Beautiful Soul to discuss this new development and she agreed that we had "crossed over". This was validated synchronously the next day when I read Sandra Walter's update, followed by Meline Lafont's ~ they both shared the same theme and echoed my own thoughts. Meline used the phrase "crossed the bridge". I believe that we're in for very unbelievably miraculous times :)

We've been learning to integrate and become more multi-dimensional throughout this year. It's not easy work, but definitely worth the effort.

Gaia is already "there", waiting for the rest of us to catch-up. We now have the space to "land", so the focus is to get ourselves to make that crossing as completely as possible over the next days/weeks/months...however long it takes. When we are fully there, we can then reach out to help others across. I get the feeling that Phase Two* of our mission is only just beginning :)

As Sheldan Nidle mentioned in his recent webinar (27 September), it's time to go WOO-HOO!!

*Phase One was to make it to the December 2012 Solstice.

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