16 September 2013

Third Trimester Recap ~ Denise Le Fay

We are fast approaching the end of the 9-month long gestation period, which paradoxically seemed to feel like 90 years as well as 9 weeks. Denise gives a short recap about this tail-end of the gestation period, and a glimpse of what's around the corner, post-September Equinox. We are all exhausted beyond belief most of the time, but I will also say that I'm feeling great bursts of energetic "highs" as well as moments of just bliss and joy, all for no apparent reason.

We will enter what Denise calls the New Evolutionary Cycle, minus the Dark. What can one say to something like that, especially when it feels like we've been prisoner-players in a game that's rigged from the start (we are...or rather, we were)? How about...YES!!!

Please read the update here.

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