10 September 2013

Tolec Speaks About Comet Ison, Xanterexx Biosphere

Update: 19 September 2013
Questions have arisen as to the validity and intentions of the claims made in this video. I don't have the answers, and all I can say is the same caveat emptor: Use Your Discernment :) And as always, raise your own vibrations, do the inner work, get into a hi-5 (5-D) space of existence i.e. become a higher consciousness Being, and help our beloved Planet and Humanity make this Shift!
It's very clear that "Comet" Ison is not a comet at all, and in fact an enormous Ship, and there is some chatter that says it's Nibiru. This is the first video I know of that actually reveals more details about it, which is fascinating. Tolec gives us the specifications of this Biosphere and its two escort Ships in this 13-minute video. Many thanks to the Beautiful Soul that pointed this out to me when the subject was brought up in a recent conversation :)

The craft, called Xanterexx, is 300 miles in diameter and originates from the Cygnus Constellation. Tolec calls it the Harbinger of Open Contact and Visitation.

Here for the video.

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