15 September 2013

Ugh, Ouch, and Wow! ~ Karen Bishop 13 September 2013

We are pushing ever closer to our New Reality, and Karen Bishop feels that we are so close now we can "touch noses" with it! The energies flooding the Planet now continue to be intense, and along with this, another round of symptoms (it's like we've been "sick" for years!).

Karen also identifies some patterns that are emerging or becoming prevalent:
  • The Do-Overs : when we lament "I just did that!" (as in, "Didn't I just clean the floor?") or find ourselves repeatedly doing something to get it done properly
  • The Snuggle Energy : snuggling up to our own space
  • Completions in our Dreams (hmm...this one is interesting...I actually find that occurring a lot lately)
  • 2 + 2 No Longer Equals 4
  • This Is STILL Going On? (tell me about it...).
Soul plans are also currently being released.

Karen says she has good news in her next post *thank goodness* as well as some information about post-22 September.

Please read Karen's complete update here.

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