03 January 2014

Life is Becoming More Spiritual ~ Almine

Almine tells us that Spirituality will undergo a renaissance where it will become more present and predominant in Life. After February 2013, dramatic and massive changes occurred throughout the Cosmos to make this possible on Earth. She also speaks about the 441 Angel Gods who were evoked by the Infinite One to be the pillars to uphold the new reality of Godhood to enable Lightworkers to find sanctuary in the midst of the chaos.

She also explains that there were three major attacks by the Dragons on the Lightworkers and Cosmos in September 2013 but they were defeated. She also brings forth a message from one of these Angel Gods, called Merevit-Sarsatu ~ the "resurrection" of 300 new electric Atlantean Angels and 300 new magnetic Lemurian Angels. The Cosmos is achieving its Divinity, and DNA upgrades will occur.

We will be able to proceed and evolve with more ease.

For details ,please listen to this 20-minute update from Almine.

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