12 February 2014

Aligning with the Greater Akashic Force ~ A Call to Action! ~ Tiara Kumara 8 February 2014

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A great house-cleaning (planet-cleaning) is occurring as the Planetary Akashic imprints are being purged; we are asked to do the same with our individual etheric records so that Collectively, we are able to forge ahead unimpeded. Doing so will allow us to break free from negative feedback loops and doubt, therefore enabling us to look ahead with a new (higher) perspective and allowing Soul advancement.

We are also being assisted by our Star Family who are detoxifying the interface matrix of the planetary grids. It's like cleaning up a badly-defragmented and overcrowded hard disk so that the read/write/record operations can function properly and with order. Such efforts will eventually also lead to the end of karma and suffering as experiences will be written and recorded "cleanly"; past and parallel timelines will also be similarly "cleansed".

This is the third message I've read today that asks us to do our bit for the Collective and accelerate the Ascension process!

Please go here to read this important message; important for us to release what no longer serves our highest purpose by purging our own Akashic imprints, and vitally important for the Collective and Planetary Ascension. There is also guidance on how we can access our records to do this "clean-up".

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