21 February 2014

Fast Tracking ~ Kryon Channel from Vancouver via Lee Carroll 8 February 2014

Vancouver ~ Fast Tracking (download audio here)

5 attributes of fast-tracking benevolence on the Planet:
  • Political strife ~ civil war erupting even in unexpected places (Kryon had mentioned many years ago that in years to come, wars would be internal) to spark awakening
  • Recalibration in Akashic remembrance ~ in the past, we had to work with healing old energies that present as fear in present life; now Akash will start bringing up energies that tell us Who We Really Are, we now get tools to help us instead of obstacles to get around
  • Gaia is recalibrating herself ~ She is far more resilient than we believe; Kryon points out that the nuclear testing that had occurred over the years in the oceans were far worse in radiation levels than Fukushima, also eons ago oil would spill out into oceans naturally and "oceans scrubbed themselves"; also mini ice-age is part of clean-up as well as natural life-cycle (Kryon also mentioned this many years ago); Kryon note: Don't pollute!
  • Our Solar System moving into another kind of "radiation" we've not experienced before ~ affects Sun; this radiation will move into our magnetic grid to change our DNA 
  • Quantum technology coming in ~ we will begin to "see" quantum energy and therefore initiate a progress of inventions as well as quantum medicine and healing.

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