22 February 2014

Get Ready For...A SuperWave! ~ Denise Chavez 13 February 2014

You know the Cosmic event Cobra referred to earlier in this post (Eostre's Gift)? It's explained adequately in detail here by Denise Chavez, thank goodness for that. Those who were trying to sufficiently comprehend the mechanics of it all (like me) by reading the related articles will appreciate this 6:26-minute video because it really helps to clarify a lot of components.

Is this...The Event?

Here for the video.

Update: I just posted this a couple of minutes ago then decided to add a bit more to it. Dr Paul LaViolette has calculated that the "Galactic Core outburst" will occur sometime between March to May of this year, 2014. A sufficient number of sources have told us that The Event (and its many names) is a massive wave or burst of Galactic energy from the Galactic Centre. The source of this energy has been traced by Alkesh (via Maarten Horst's radio show) to 200 stars from the other side of the Galaxy beaming their Cosmic Light onto the Galactic Sun. When the time is right (Divine Timing), this very massive store of Cosmic Light will be beamed by our Sun throughout the Solar System. This is The Event.

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