01 February 2014

InterGalactic Board of Council Communiques via Gesanna

I posted Session 11 recently, and I'm now going back to the previous messages (Session 1-10). I am still in the midst of reading all of these sessions, but felt the need to post this first. I will append notes for reference as I proceed to make my way through the messages, but please head over to the Contact2Ascension site if you wish to skip the notes and read the messages (top pull-down tab "IBOC's Page").

Personal note:
These messages validate many issues that I've been personally having in the past year. For that reason alone, I am enjoying these communiques from the IBOC via Gesanna. They present information that may differ or even contradict some of the guidance "out there", but they sit very well with me so far (I haven't yet finished reading all of them). I find them to be of some great degree of relief because they have cleared many doubts I've been having regarding some of the information that have been coming out. And I love the energy behind the information. This works for me personally, and as always, I urge you to use your own discernment. If it resonates, great! If not, toss :)

Here are some highlights:
  • Ascension from Lower Triad (1,2,3) to Upper Triad (4,5,6). Lower Triad "folding up", much like how blinds fold onto themselves when we pull them up
  • Just do our best, we are here to carry the Light
  • Service to Gaia, render assistance to help her make her Ascension by what I call the 3As ~ Accept, Assimilate and Anchor the Higher Dimensional Light
  • We are not here to save Souls, but Souls can choose to utilise this Light we are anchoring
  • Explains in detail the true nature of 3 Waves of Volunteers (which Dolores Cannon had identified), "Infiltration by Incarnation". First Wave from 1944, over period of about 75 years. When 3rd Wave reaches adulthood, "mission" complete (which is now!) therefore no more "Waves" required
  • Describes family life of these Volunteers accurately! Basically, how messy and challenging it is
  • 2 choices available to Humanity: Sideways Migration or Forward Ascension ~ one is not better than the other
  • 2 types of Ascendees: Ascending Souls and Volunteers
  • Infiltration by Incarnation successful ~ Gaia now on her way Home
  • Sadly, also explains why we can't return Home yet :(  we are here to accompany and bring Gaia Home, it's what we signed up for, so this is the mission we must complete
  • We are "umblical cord" for Planet to Ascend therefore this cord cannot be "cut" or it will lead to disastrous outcomes and disruptions to Mission Plan
  • Life gets better for us, but we must first accept this truth
  • Explains in true nature of "splitting" of Earth into 2 Earths ~ it's actually and Ascended Earth, and the other is the birth of a new universe for those who choose Sideways Migration
  • All man-made structures will be reabsorbed back into the earth
  • There's no stopping this Ascension process! 
  • Volunteers do not come in with karma to resolve
  • Similarly, Volunteers need to remember their true origins and acknowledge that they already possess balanced health, just need to release Terran beliefs and know that body's blueprint is in alignment with Soul memory
  • When Volunteers come into alignment in consciousness with Ascended Soul, everything falls into place
  • ALL of Nature is ascending, going along with Gaia; "...in the last days the lion shall lie down with the lamb", this is a sign that Ascension is proceeding along, Duality is dissolving thus "the prey/predator" concept is also diminishing
  • Gaia is being protected by the Upper Triad from negative faction, and in turn, we are also being protected from extreme effects
  • Homosexuality ~ when male (positive charge) spirit reincarnates in female body but still attracted to females, and vice-versa for female (negative charge) spirit
  • Recognise and accept that we are creators indistinguishable from Source
  • Children of 3rd Waves are mostly evolving souls who are native to Terra.  are here for first time so they have difficulties dealing with this way of life, can lead to behavioural issues
  • No atomic structure in Upper Triad, it exists only in the Lower Triad to give it physicality, "matter"
  • Upper Triad's "scaffolding" not as dense, and the "building blocks" are sub-quantum energy Light
  • Materialism aggressively implemented by negative faction to prevent us from accessing our spirituality
  • 2 groups ETs: Benevolent, condition ~ "no war and weapons"; Malevolent, technology in return for DNA
  • Find and adopt our own way to connect with Gaia so that she will bring us Home
  • This will also circumvent frequency jamming devices that hinder our ascension process
  • Ascended universe strictly singularity, no duality and no lower triad
  • New energies coming in to ascend universe even higher while lower triad collapses unto itself, supplying the raw energy to birth new universe for migrating souls 
  • Prime Directive is non-interference with soul evolution. We will receive assistance and education adequate enough for each soul to decide which way to go
  • Earth will be returned to pristine condition by advanced ETs and Ascended Beings
  • Difference between ET volunteer and Ascended Being volunteer (Session 3: Two Levels of Volunteers)
  • Accelerate ascension by seeing Earth in her pristine state, free from 3d man-made structures
  • None of volunteers have lost their abilities; just perhaps repressed in soul
  • When contact happens, volunteers' memories will return while ascending souls will comprehend better and ascension process will quicken
  • As Ascension progresses, we will pull away from 3d "stuff" but if we focus on them, we will hang on to them. However for migrating souls, this is and should be their focus
  • Trick to manifesting is to accept that the reality you want is the only reality that exists, all other possibilities disappear
  • "The People" not governments, should initiate Disclosure to prevent negative controllers from manipulating situation to their advantage
  • Anunnaki/Nephilim "gods" had hand in our creation; they chose to evolve to higher levels of consciousness when they realised the implications of what they had done to humankind (slavery and control). However, small group disagreed with their intention to make Humanity their "partners" instead of slaves, so this bigger group left the Planet, leaving behind this small group who has kept Humanity imprisoned, limited and brainwashed ever since
  • Just like the governments were offered choice between benevolent ETS (condition: no war) or malevolent ETs who traded technology for DNA, we are now being offered two choices regarding which route to take ~ with current "leaders" and controllers, or with Gaia and Ascension.

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