09 February 2014

Telepathic Communication ~ Sandra Walter 8 February 2014

Sandra provides us with a simple and elegant meditative guide to connect with our Higher Self and the Higher Realms through telepathy. It involves forming the divine triad of Heart-Pineal-Light as the basis of activating the communication. As density continues to dissolve with the escalating energetic frequencies, we can do this with more ease and reduced buffer time in response. And as always, staying Heart-centered is key. Sandra's message follows:

Telepathy is an energetic transfer of ideas, creations, or light intelligence from one being to another.
When a being is utilizing form to express in denser levels of consciousness, communication is very physical. We used five senses in 3D communication: see, touch, smell, taste, hear. We add a sixth sense when we utilize 4D dynamics of the pineal gland – seeing visions beyond the veil. When we engage with 5D and above, we begin to use a pure telepathic communication combining the pineal gland, the pituitary gland and the heart center.

Let go of any collective attachment to spirituality or expansion of consciousness being accessed solely through the pineal-pituitary complex. It was – and still is for some – an obsession to open the third eye. Detoxification and focused meditation support the activation of the pineal.

There is a natural detoxification occurring for the planet and all of her life. That is an external factor we cannot avoid. When we support the process by detoxing internally through purification of the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels, our journey in the body becomes easier.

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Update 12 February: Video version here. 

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