14 February 2014

Teleportation : Communion of Worlds ~ Sandra Walter 12 February 2014

Teleportation is the transfer of physical matter without the delay of timespace.

Because we are taking on a more photonic (light) state, it is becoming possible to transmit the particles of our physical beingness to another location.

We prepare ourselves for a new experience by transmuting the density out of our bodies and energy fields, pulling in more light by activating and exercising our crystalline heart intelligence, and connecting with the Source-point of our true self. Our vibration is rises, the platform for our experience (4D Gaia) amplifies, and all is aligned to take the next step.

Teleportation experiments are happening now as preparation for lightship visitation and physical interaction on the ground with a few off-world races who are dedicated to assisting our ascension.
In this now moment, some gatekeepers/wayshowers are preparing for physical contact with our Star Families and Galactic Teams. This is exciting to me because up until now it has been via visions, dreamstate, lightships and telepathic communication. While beings will present as sparkly fields, or a pillar of light, or in orb form, we haven’t had much physical contact. The plan at this stage is to begin to create interdimensional spaces where grounded folks and higher realm team members may interact.
In order to create a space for interraction/teleportation, an energetic platform is first set up on the ground.

Let me share a basic portal setup from the Pleiadian-Sirian alliances, which is modified depending on the interaction’s intention:

We plant crystals in the ground in a specific pattern.

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A video version can be viewed here.

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