06 February 2014

"The Arrival" Energy Update February 2014 ~ Matt Kahn

Matt Kahn explains that after years and years of Soul work, 2014 marks the arrival of the Soul in human form as we assume more of our crystalline Light form. We are asked to keep the faith, stay the course, and continue to send Love into our hearts as we navigate our way past a disintegrating 3D world. This increased transformation into higher states of Being occurs simultaneously with the releasing of our ego-consciousness, which may produce emotional heaviness and physical fatigue. The smallest of tasks may seem to be monumental as we begin to forget what "solidity" is (at least I now know why!). Self-love is crucial.

Maintaining and staying in high vibrations is key to helping us make enlightened choices, which will then in turn assist in keeping our frequencies high.

For much more, please read the complete message here.

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