27 February 2014

X-Class Solar Flare, Grounding, Synchronicities, Completion ~ A Personal Sharing

After spending practically the entire day yesterday trying to sleep off a terrible migraine, I am very relieved to feel better today. Not entirely well, but so much better that I can at least function. Of course, I tried to get through as many articles as possible, and posted some here. As the day wore on, I began to form a clearer picture of what's going on, generally speaking.

Our beautiful Sun emitted its strongest flare (X4.9) of 2014 yesterday (see article here). Hmm...I've never really responded well to these flares, with reactions ranging from extreme skin itching to...awful migraines. I should have rested more and grounded even more and drank yet even more water; the effects would have been much less if I did all three. So it was very interesting that St Germain talked about more of these very intense flares coming up, and advised us to increase our resting and grounding (posted here).

Synchronicity is becoming the order of the day. When we allow the Divine flow of creation to unfold, we will see synchronicity occurring all the time, validating our highest truths and verifying our personal path. Nowadays, I pay attention when synchronicity shows up; it can take any form any time any where. To me, synchronicity is my Divinity showing me that I'm on course, despite outer appearances to the contrary.

I also want to share a very recent dream I had. I don't remember any details at all, but I know that when I woke up, I was very aware of it. I was left with a huge sense of "completion", and that is the only word and only sense I can use to describe this dream that I don't remember! What I'm also very aware of is that this sense of "completion" pertains to the lower vibrational reality being complete. 

We are done with its existence.

It would seem that this dream provided the emotional "support" or verification to a previous vision, which I described in this post. I feel very assured (and so extremely relieved) that this "game" is over. Many Lightworkers who have been at it for decades are fatigued, stressed, and literally at the end of their rope. The end cannot come too soon.

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