27 September 2014

A New Beginning For Humanity ~ Judy Satori on the Sheila Show ~ 25 September 2014

A couple of things I need to say about this interview, which includes a set of Light activations from Judy to assist us in our transition process. I haven't yet finished listening to the entire program, and I don't know if Judy has these same Light transmissions on her own site, but you can download them for free on the link given below.

First things first: If you are already very familiar with Judy's work, then the information here isn't too new for you. However, I've yet to listen to the whole show, so my caveat is that I may be wrong.

Next: If this is the first time you're listening to Judy, please understand that she's a native New Zealander, which means she speaks with an NZ accent, just like a Brit would a British accent, just like an American would an American accent, and so on. I mention this because quite honestly, I was aghast when the host instructed Judy to "enunciate clearly" :/  Granted, the audio quality isn't all that great, but I can understand Judy just fine, except when she fades off due to the audio.

Finally: If you are reading this some time in the future and the link given is no longer relevant, please try to search for it in the Archives (link here).

Finally...really...: This set of Light activations is called Regeneration 101/Get Happy Fast and would help facilitate all these deep cellular changes we are going through. Just 18-minutes altogether, well worth checking out. But you need to provide your email to Sheila :/  (I'm not exactly a fan of email collection...)
**Final Finally...just wanted to say, without the introduction (which you only need to listen once!) it's just 13-minutes in total!

The interview is about 77-minutes in length, please listen here.

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