30 September 2014

Contact in the Desert 2014 ~ David Wilcock

I've been watching this in batches (it's 3-hours long) and it's got great information, delivered in true David Wilcock-style. If you haven't yet seen it (it's been out for a few weeks), I do recommend it. David goes into some interesting tangents to explain this Ascension process that we need to go through as a collective race, using the Tibetan Buddhists' practice of attaining the Rainbow Body as a base. This is a demonstration of the "Rapture" described in Biblical texts.

David also expounds on the re-wiring of our DNA as it undergoes a re-write to accommodate this Shift, aided and precipitated by stress. He reminds us that this process is open to all, and the pre-requisite is that you need to be just over 50% loving/good (perhaps he's basing this on the Hidden Hand materials?), which for some reason resulted in me having a bout of laughing.

He also shows some smoking-gun transcripts from decades ago that informs us of this Shift we are undergoing. That's about where I stopped, and I'm sure there's lots more info in the rest of the video.

Please watch it here. I also notice that there's an even longer one (almost 5 hours!) here. I guess I could say, "Take your pick!"

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