22 September 2014

Galactis Update ~ August 2014

This update contains several key points that follow-on from the events that have unfolded and which are related to previous articles and videos from the Galactis Team. (If you have yet to watch two of their excellent videos, "Conflict in Space" and "Comet Ison. The Event. The Truth About It", I would highly recommend them. They also have incredible articles pertaining to this Great Shift. You can find some of them here on this blog or on their site.)

To read this update, please go here.

Some points noted:
  • The third and final energetic download from Comet Ison that was completed between 16-17 July enabled Earth to once again resonate with the Galactic frequencies as well as being in synch with the Sun and the Moon
  • How we no longer harmonise with the 432 Hz frequency (which was the subject of this blog's previous post!), and how this reflects the Earth's frequency discordance that was altered by the Reptilians. The latter situation is now remedied as a result of Ison's mission, the defeat of the Reptilians and the beneficial actions of the Galactic Alliance
  • A "subset" energy of The Event will be made accessible to enable an accelerated shift in consciousness, even before The Event itself
  • Separation of realities will commence and continue to occur.

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