25 September 2014

LightBody Living: Our New Normal ~ Lauren C Gorgo ~ 23 September 2014

I feel that this is an important update on where we are currently as well as where we are heading. There are a couple of great (and simple) suggestions for coping with the increasingly intensifying energies.

Source: Think With Your Heart

Very recently I was brought into a meeting with the League of Galactic Nations, and so immediately I knew that something special was on the horizon.  I was asked to stand in as a cosmic receiver and earth transmitter for what was called an “approaching super-accelerated time of transformation.”
The primary topic discussed was our growing light and its effects on our physical body…mostly in preparation for what feels like a incoming cosmic cacophony…in a good way.  Though it wasn’t specifically mentioned, I am assuming that this is all in direct relation to the equinox and the new moon/eclipse passage/mercury retrograde combo we are headed into…or, more holographically speaking, that is headed into us.

I also got the feeling through this meeting of galactic minds that this entire year was somehow leading up to this very moment…moment, as in several weeks…and is also the reason why many are still so steadily in the process of quantum deep excavation, releasing the seemingly-never-ending-remnants of unresolved emotion trapped within the lower body system.  Tho I can see now that all this prep work was to assist us (as much as possible) to enter this higher frequency band, unhindered.
From the messages I have been downloading the last couple of weeks, I feel pretty confident in saying that we are about to witness some kind of major breakthrough…that there is a pay-off of sorts approaching.  Whatever is coming feels pretty potent and not necessarily in a bring-us-to-our-knees way…although ascension experience has definitely taught me to never rule that option out.


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