24 September 2014

Noosphere and Knowledge Coming In Via The Sun & 5D Body ~ Stephanie South and Lilou Mace ~ 21 September 2014

This is an 18-minute video with Stephanie South expanding on the crucial role that our Sun plays in our Ascension process:
  • Our connection with and shift into the Noosphere (Planetary Mind of Gaia)
  • Healing process through our Heart-Mind
  • Our Sun will bring through new energies and knowledge from the Stars, choreographed by a Divine Plan
  • We are being shaken until we are pure Light!
  • Integrating and aligning with our 5D Divine Blueprint
  • Stephanie explains the 13-dimensional model as mirrors of the Universe, a wrap-around Hologram where we can receive guidance from our Higher Selves
  • Stephanie's work with Jose Arguelles, Cosmic History Chronicles, which is like the new Galactic educational curriculum.

Please watch this interview with Lilou Mace here.

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