29 September 2014

Of Vegetarians and Vegans and the Protein Issue ~ Andrea Foulkes and Dr Janice Stanger

Caution: This post is intended for vegetarians, vegans or those who are not adverse to plant-based diets.

Quick background. I was a seafood-tarian (or the posh version: pescetarian) for 13 years, then "naturally" became a vegetarian and have been for the past 3 years. Over this time, my body (and I) were very happy diet-wise, but well-meaning family members and friends were not. So let's just say I'm fully aware of the potentially intense reactions to this vegetarian/vegan choice, which is why I'm issuing the cautionary warning above.

Anyway, back to the videos. There are two here which I feel are beneficial, supportive and packed with information, one esoteric and the other, scientific.

In the first video, Andrea Foulkes explains a plant-based diet from a spiritual viewpoint in her usual chirpy manner. Don't let her bubbliness fool you in what she has to say...she gets to the point and makes things crystal clear.

Dr Janice Stanger is featured in the other video, and she answers so efficiently and professionally the ubiquitous question that's always plaguing people on plant-based diets...What about proteins? I've lost count of how many times I've been asked this!

Dr Janice left me feeling like an idiot. You may already know what she has to say (plants make the amino acids, animals eat plants, so the "original" proteins are from plants!), but I didn't know the mind-blowing (for me) conclusion until she connected the dots for me. She talks about the plant synthesis process, much of which I already knew from Biology classes, and then makes her very obvious declaration about proteins at the end, which I didn't know. It was so obvious I felt so dumb yet elated :) :) 

Watch Andrea Foulkes here, and then proceed on to Dr Janice Stanger here.

**Update: My two cents' worth...Dr Stanger doesn't think too much of oils. At this point in time, I do believe that oils (authentic ones) are important, at least for me.

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