22 September 2014

Solar Plexus and the Coming of the Sixth Root Race ~ Gene Keys ~ Richard Rudd ~ 10 July 2014

I watched this video a couple of months ago and did take some notes, so I'll do my best to decipher them :)

Richard Rudd presents the story of Human evolution from the perspective of the Ages (Yugas), and the corresponding Root Races. I was very engrossed in it, and it made me think of Rudolf Steiner's Cosmic Memory where he laid out the amazing accounts of the root races' transitions, based on the Akashic Records.

Here are some highlights:
  • The Universe unravels according to a Great Plan, and this revelation helps us in our understanding of our Lives
  • Explains the Yin/Yang - Left/Right - Matter/Spirit factor in the evolution and involution of  Creation
  • V Root Race ~ Atlantean (Causal) led to "Fall", Godhead withdrew, Synarchy returned to Inner Planes. This led to a belief in separation and that we could act without taking responsibility (perversion of Free Will)
  • VI Root Race ~ Trivian (Astral), returning to our Godhood --> "GodMan"
  • Kali Yuga cycle (denial/suffering) ~ mutation to new race ~ veil comes down ~ Synarchy returns --> Satya Yuga (zero-point), the "Un-Falling".

This webinar is 1:40 hours in length, and you can watch it here. If I remember correctly, there is a Q&A at the end.

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