23 September 2014

Soul Contract Revocations, Scalar/Etheric Implant Removal, Reducing Radiation Emissions ~ Grant Podesta


Included in the latest Prepare for Change newsletter was an article by Grant Podesta which outlined a very simple method of reducing phone and PC radiations. My belief from the start of this year is that we will begin to see and create Magic in our Lives (Seeing and Stepping into the Magic ~ Creating Our New Normal), and I've come to realise that the simplicity of magical manifestations will sometimes astound us. Read Grant's recommendation for a so-very-simple-and-cheap way (and Magical) to reduce radiation emitting from your phone and PC (links below).

Grant has also written a simple (and Magical) way to cancel Soul contracts with the Negatives, as well as recommending an equally simple (and Magical) method to remove etheric implants...permanently. I have been doing the latter on a daily basis, not really giving it much thought about considering a permanent solution :/  I will definitely use Grant's method for a "now and forever" remedy!

Here are the links to all three pages on Grant's own site:

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