29 September 2014

Status Reports ~ Cobra ~ 28 September 2014

Okay, I TRY...very hard...not to post such encoded messages from Cobra, because I don't wish to pretend I know what they mean, or put forth something that may be misunderstood, or do anything to jeopardise this sometimes-fragile-always-frustrating transition process we are going through.

BUT...I just had to post these today. Yesterday was such a weird day (even for me), I knew it wasn't just "me". Yes, I know there was an M-class flare, but it was much more than that. If I had to simplify it in one sentence, it would be as if I was being pulled (forcefully) in two opposite dimensions. This went on until I surrendered and crawled to bed, and this morning it's much better but boy, this pressure in my head...Sending intentions and energies for the standoff to resolve positively.

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