25 September 2014

Untersberg ~ Cobra ~ 24 September 2014

This was where the Chimera's former stronghold was concentrated, and is now gratefully and thankfully cleared, leaving only Long Island. Cobra has provided an interesting update on this area, and I would need to read it a couple more times to truly grasp the scope and magnitude of this brief update. What I definitely "get" is that what happened in this area is so representative of what has happened to our Planet and Humanity ~ positive elements that were hijacked and then perverted into something negative, resulting in a state of mass confusion where people aren't sure anymore about what's positive and what's not (quick examples being the Eye on the US dollar bill, the Swastika, pyramids).

Here's the update:

Untersberg is a mountain on German-Austrian border which is one of the key vortex points for the planetary liberation.
For many millennia, many caves on the mountain served as entry points into vast underground tunnel system which led into the Agartha network (picture above).
Then in 1220, Goddess Isais (who is an aspect of Isis) appeared in front of a certain Templar knight named Hubertus Koch when he was traveling near Nineveh in Iraq, which is very close to the center of Hassuna-Samarra Goddess vortex. The Goddess has instructed him to build a Goddess temple near Untersberg and to move the Goddess vortex there, because Mongol invasion was approaching the Samarra vortex. She also gave him a piece of Cintamani, a stone from Sirius star system, to bring it to Untersberg. He then formed a Templar group called Lords of the black stone to become the guardians of the stone and keepers of the Goddess vortex. 

That stone was then given to Cathars, then to Templars in France, was briefly in possession of Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Illuminati, was later in the hands of Edwar Bulwer-Lytton who wrote his famous novel The Coming Race, and then his son took it back to the Lords of the black stone in Vienna. 
Cintamani stone, the stone of the Holy Grail, is sometimes erroneously called the black stone, because it has a distinct violet-black color. Its purpose is to dissolve the network of implants and help disintegrate the Veil.

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