19 December 2014

Alkesh : Conflict in Space ~ with Maarten Horst, ET First Contact Radio ~ 9 October 2014 (Re-published)

**Update 19 December 2014: A transcript is now available for those who wish to read what transpired during this interview. Please head here for it. You can select your preferred language by clicking on the appropriate flag at the top right.

Originally posted on 11 October 2014
Maarten Horst offers his latest interview with Alkesh, who previously gave us an incredible amount of in-depth information about Ison and The Event. This interview is 2:06 hours long, so I will take some time to get through it. I will add notes after I've listened; meanwhile, you can listen to it here.

I assume this interview is a follow-up on the "Conflict In Space" video, which came out not too long ago. If you are not familiar with this, and if you need some background information, you can watch it here on Youtube, or if you just want to read some highlights, then go to the one I posted on this blog here.

Again, you can listen to this interview here.

**Update 11 October 2014
  • Alkesh spends quite a bit of time talking about channeling and its inaccuracies, where he mentioned that more than 95% of channeled messaged are not authentic or too generalised without specific information. While I personally agree to some degree, I would also like to mention that ALL information (whether channeled or "direct") should first go through our Discernment Meter ;)
  • Communication with Sirians is mostly telepathic, sublime and subtle in the higher frequencies, but sometimes "speech" is used
  • Anais is highly evolved, conscious, sentient, embodied by Being from causal plane
  • Sirians already commenced plans for contact by preparing in the etheric/subtle plane, there must be compatible resonance (lower) with Humans. They prepare their etheric bodies so that they can appear alongside us; we need to be ready to support this
  • Use of a device, chronovisor, to be explained in upcoming movie
  • Increasing appearance of ships to get public used to the idea of ET existence
  • Physical landing "a long way away", only after people are used to their physical presence
  • Love is energy that's most disturbing to Reptilians. They can't access this frequency as they don't have the capacity to do so. This energy is major factor that has prevented us from falling into total calamity
  • +ve ETs find it imperative to create love connections with Humanity so that we can be removed from our -ve trance; reptilians will not be able to do anything about this!
  • A-nais adopted masculine aspect for the recent Cosmic battle, it's +ve polarity, solar, focussed, dynamic; this change from the feminine aspect (being embraced, relaxed) was immediately felt by Alkesh when he entered the ship
  • Immense field of debris from battle, etheric energy "extracted" from reptilians' ships, led to implosion, emaciated neutrons, black metallic "sawdust"
  • Reptilians teleported to other planets
  • Arcturians assisted in defending Anais
  • Anais' central sun (1/5 diameter of ship) connects with other stars to fuse and purify its own energies (we've been seeing lots of these images of Motherships with giant plasma filaments connecting to our own Sun via SOHO!)
  • Battle continued in etheric plane because reptilians have nothing to lose, resulting in some sudden deaths in humans
  • We feed reptilians through our -ve powerful emotions ~ football stadiums, wars, chaotic music concerts
  • Elevated energies repel them eg meditation and spiritual practices
  • This Cosmic war meant to impact Sirians so that they wouldn't be able to assist in our spiritual evolution, delaying tactic
  •  Progress of our transition very much dependant upon our choices, Ascension process is very complex with vast range of probabilities and possibilities
  • "Every step made by us humans also means correspondng modification of their plan...everything rests on Human Consciousness"
  • Anais said that we are already 3 years ahead of plan, with new elements expected to appear soon
  • Events no longer correspong to known previous timelines, so certain missions now redundant, need to transform their lives or re-discover new missions
  • Some may choose to reincarnate in other suitable situations, so there will be many unexpected deaths, even for +ve Beings
  • Coming up: 3 months of "plateau"/"simmering to the boil" where the external seems to stagnate; after this period, our choices will start to bear fruit
  • The Event will definitely occur, but "when" is unknown. However, several gateways will be available in near future that will allow those who resonate to experience a sort of "mini-Event"
  • So, "why wait until The Event?" We can prepare to experience these "time-bridges" that have been built by the Sirians; these experiences will themselves accelerate The Event due to heightened consciousness
  • Segregation of Humanity (bifurcation) will be hastened 
  • Leap in IT domain coming up, some computer chips will be semi-biological to allow for emotional input, as well as availability of new "intelligent technology".

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