09 October 2014

Brawny Updates Are Already Here ~ Aluna Joy Yaxkin ~ 6 October 2014

Hercules - Valeriy Mavlo

What a segue ~ from Hercules in the previous update to "brawny updates"! Aluna Joy reinforces what Denise (and just about everyone else!) says about what's ahead...increasingly potent energies. They just keep getting stronger and stronger, don't they?

Aluna also specifies the urgent need to let go of the old and start to embrace the our True Self as the collective Earth Human Race. There will be downloads a-plenty as we continue this transition and reclaim our ancient wisdom, enabling us to flex our Divine muscles. How well we prepare ourselves over this month will determine the next cycle when the Solar Eclipse transpires on 24 October.

"Keep on keeping on!"

Please read the message at her site: Aluna Joy

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