03 October 2014

Cobra Interview with Untwine ~ 30 September 2014

This was such a great interview that I decided to post it on its own, with some highlights. (It was included as a link in Cobra's previous monthly update post.)

Source: Recreating Balance

  • Hijacking of sacred symbols by the Cabal
  • Infiltration of masonic networks by Jesuits to further suppress Humanity
  • Perverting the Goddess energy for power
  • Rigel and Saturn cleared of dark energies
  • Liberated civilisations organise themselves in soul family structures (blood family = soul family, unlike here on Earth because that structure was manipulated by archons)
  • Some guides and spiritual leaders have been influenced by archons
  • 5 = pentagram = divine masculine = divine will; but under Venus cycle can be unification of male/female
  • 6 = hexagram = divine feminine = divine love
  • Silver/Golden gates representing main evolutionary axis of Galaxy (Antares/Aldebaran)
  • Advanced races have balanced spiritual / technological development
  • "Hierarchy" can be natural and organic, as opposed to the artificial version created by the archons
  • "Contingency" as a logical opposite to the Absolute; at end of Creation, all will be absorbed back into The One
  • Astrological and zodiac charts are natural (but we still have free will); however they have also been distorted by the archons; same with other tools such as tarot
  • Sexuality as a perversion used to further separate us from our own Divinity
  • Infiltration of music industry ~ famous artistes are MK Ultra victims
  • BRICS and dragon families infiltrated by jesuits but their plans will not be allowed to proceed
  • TR3B used to maintain Matrix and quarantine of Earth and
  • Anonymous also has factions that have been infiltrated...SIGH...(that was my addition)
  • Trinity = male/femal/Source
  • Dolmens were stargates that connected etheric body of planet to the Cosmos
  • Military and police will cooperate after The Event
  • Contingency appears the most in densest realms because it's furthest from Source
  • LW communities will only work after veil (and therefore, negative influence) is removed
  • Music in advanced civilisations is organic, harmonious and more interactive.

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