16 October 2014

Communique 18 ~ Gesanna and An T'Na ~ 11 October 2014

From the previous communique (17), we are told about some "new developments" that would be revealed in the near future. Just to let you know beforehand, details are still not revealed on this update. Nevertheless, there's some information here to set the stage for the next update.

Source: Contact2Asension

Communiqué 18
Stardate  2014.10.11

(The following communique is a Q&A between Gesanna and the Council, asking for clarity on subjects that were alluded to in Comm 17, as well as other topics. Further information will be imparted in consecutive communiques. Please return soon for more. Mahalo! ~G~)

Gesanna: Please inform us of how and why the Council and Mr. Jolly have joined forces as a team, and how this will affect your work with the people of this planet and the Lower Triad.

An T'na: I am An T'na. I shall endeavor to enlighten each of you about this matter as per the Council and Mr. Jolly’s guidance.

First of all, for the record, we shall drop the name Mr. Jolly and use the spelling of Mr. Ja'li, although it is pronounced the same as ‘jolly’.

As Mr. Ja'li told you in his own previous message to you, although during our sessions with you you were aware of his presence with members of the Intergalactic Board of Council, you correctly noticed that he had not been a participant with them but was there as an observer.

The reason for that is not so much that he was observing the Council members as much as he was observing you and how you were interacting with us for, you see, not only have you already ascended to the Upper Triad, you also already went all the way back Home to our Place of our origin which lies beyond what you call the Matrix.

Some time after you arrived There, you chose to return to the Matrix where you volunteered your services as a Volunteer for the Intergalactic Board of Council, assisting with the ascension processes of the universe.
As to why he and we have joined forces, Mr Ja’li himself will better answer this question for you.

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