16 October 2014

Consciousness Corridor ~ Lisa Renee ~ October 2014

Here is October's update from Lisa Renee (there's also an audio version available); the entire Cosmos is certainly following a Divine Plan...we'd best keep up!

Lisa Renee also explains that we are getting closer to the point of no return for the bifurcation of dimensions. She also revealed that the Krystal Star Guardians have corrected the previously hijacked Planetary Logos software to now reflect Service-to-Others as the Law of Consciousness. This sounds very much like what Sananda via Elizabeth Trutwin said in her latest update (see post here); the issue of relations is also echoed here (although I personally believe that some relationships need to end as per Elizabeth).

Lisa also details the Ascension Timeline choices based on polarity and identity alignment. Interestingly enough, there is mention of the three states of the Abyss...which was recently brought up by Cobra in his update.

Please read her report here.

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