03 October 2014

Creating a Consciousness Field Dynamic ~ Your First Contact (Excerpt) ~ Sheldan Nidle

Source: PAO Newsletter

Chapter: Galactic Human Society ~ page 106

Q: In this chapter, there is a discussion abut the creation of a consciousness field dynamic. How exactly does that work?

A: When fully-conscious Beings conduct group ritual and focus their conscious life energy, a specific consciousness field is produced. This consciousness field is influenced by the daily changes in its resonance frequency caused by the inner growth of each individual in society. Day by day, continual group ritual and the changes being created by society as a whole intensify this field and alter its resonance ever upward, creating a fluid dynamic. The consciousness field dynamic is also immediately attached to a merged past, present, and future.

All of these variables come together and cause the field to produce a notable side effect—an organic Being whose every thought and intention mirrors those of the entire society. This organic whole is simultaneously reproduced in every individual in the group. Thus, it functions on two levels: the individual and the collective.

Personal and group mind are linked together, always cross-pollinating each other. They establish a dynamic field resonance with a large number of possibilities, each directed toward inner growth and creative ideas. Acting as a guide in this process are the Angelic Realms who ensure that this conscious dynamic field closely follows the intentions of the divine plan.

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