19 October 2014

Dolores Cannon ~ With Gratitude

Dolores Cannon  1931 - 2014

Dolores Cannon opened up an entirely new source of information for us when she took hypnosis across known parameters and came up with QHHT, which catapulted past-life regressions way back to Life beyond reincarnations on Earth. Her information via the Convoluted Universe series and other books presented us with direct accounts of Life in the Cosmos, offering us glimpses of the infinite Intelligence and creational forces of Source. The information she brought forth serve as constant reminders to keep striving in our efforts to return to our original Divine Blueprint.

Many thanks for continuing to be the Keeper of Records in this lifetime, Ms Cannon, job well done! May you continue to serve as an Ascension cheerleader.


  1. The news of Dolores' passing comes as quite a surprise to me! Her work has played a very large part in my "awakening" process and done much to expand my thinking and beliefs. I'll have to reread some of her books to discover where it was said (it may have been in The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth), but if I recall correctly, she was told by a client while in contact with Higher Consciousness that Ascension would occur in her lifetime. While there may certainly be all kind of different timelines involved here, I take this as an indication that we are oh-so-close to some MAJOR movement!

    The fact that Dr. Masaro Emoto just passed recently as well also supports this feeling. Both he and Dolores were pioneers in their respective fields, contributing greatly to our understanding of ourselves and consciousness. Both will be dearly missed, but I'm sure we'll benefit just as greatly from their efforts in the next higher realm...they may both take great satisfaction in knowing that they had an immensely positive affect on others here. Thank you to both of them for a job VERY well done.

    Namaste and thank you, Dr. Emoto and Ms. Cannon! Good luck and Godspeed on your next spiritual missions!


  2. Yes, I remember something like that, too ~ could be in one of her books or even in some interview. I also remember her saying that her "team" assists her to keep her physical body in good condition so that she can continue to do the great work she was doing.

    You are not alone in coming to your conclusion about some major "thing" around the corner; I've heard quite a few people now who share your thought about this. And I'll add myself to this list!

    Perhaps this "thing" is Dr Emoto and Ms Cannon's next mission? Namaste :)