23 October 2014

Dr Masaru Emoto and Dolores Cannon ~ Ohmni Mystica ~ 19 October 2014

If you felt that the unexpected passing of both Dr Emoto and Dolores Cannon within a day of each other meant more than just the end of their physical lifetimes, or if you have felt energetically entwined to these two Souls in some way, or even if you have wondered about the timing of their passing (between the two powerful eclipses), then this message will no doubt be very welcome.

Heartfelt gratitude to Stargazer for pointing me to Ohmni Mystica :) 💖

Source: Ohmni Mystica

I am guided to share insight that I received regarding the news of the physical death of two well-known, respected and revered Spiritual Pioneers of our time.. within a day of each other, in the middle of a huge eclipse portal in a time of such immense Spiritual transformation.
This is a profoundly symbolic message for us as a collective consciousness in the midst of Ascension to a New Dimension of Conscious awareness..

When Souls pass over, their energy is released into the collective consciousness.. When those that pass over are well-known by many there is an opening in the collective consciousness.  
The energetic effects of Eclipses portend a powerful initiation of change..

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