16 October 2014

Earth's Shift in Location ~ A Dream

It took me a long time to come up with the title for this post because I'm still trying to process this dream that I just had. I have been having unusual dreams for as long as I can remember, so I don't ususally think too much of them; most of them are forgotten during the course of the following day.

However, I feel "pushed" to share this dream since I woke up, so here it is. And to underscore how insistent this push is, I "got" that first, and then had to spend some time recalling my dream so that I could share!

This is short because I don't remember much, but as usual, it's difficult to explain in words.

I was with a group of people when suddenly, we felt a huge physical jerk. It wasn't just our bodies ~ it felt (and we knew) like the entire Planet had made a shift in location. To be more precise, Mother Earth had executed a sudden and sharp rotational (anti-clockwise, I think) move some distance across the Cosmos. We just knew that's what happened, and to confirm our thoughts, a window appeared on the wall, showing a different section of space (we knew in the dream it was a different area). We were shocked and confused, not able to comprehend the "why" of what occurred. There was no sense of fear at all, though. Just a intense need to understand.

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