31 October 2014

Escalation of Chaotic Nodes and the Dismantling of 3-D Reality ~ The Hathors via Tom Kenyon ~ 14 October 2014

Eye of the Storm ~ RedXen
I received a few emails alerting me to this message, which may appear to be most alarming and negative, but truly it's something that we've known for quite a while now. If we are to assume that a bifurcation of realities is to occur, then it boils down to a matter of choice. I look at it as a matter of raising our vibrational frequency.

Just the first few sentences of this message from The Hathors via Tom Kenyon is enough to convince you that it is well worth the time reading, and listening to the audio generously offered. I have already listened to it on repeat loop over the past 10 minutes, and it's really soothing. Those who are uber sensitive and have been feeling as if they have been on high alert for days on end would definitely appreciate the toning.

Source: Tom Kenyon

A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon

Due to time-acceleration and cosmic forces far beyond your control you are in the midst of a crescendo of interlocking Chaotic Nodes.

In past messages we have referred to the interaction of chaotic events as a Chaotic Node, singular, but in this instance we are referring to a more complex phenomenon—what we are calling Chaotic Nodes, plural.

Depending upon your vibratory resonance you will be affected in unique ways by the escalation of chaotic events. Those of you sensitive to the ecosystem of this planet may be experiencing extreme duress as you witness the degradation of the ecosystem and the loss of many species of life.

Another Chaotic Node, in addition to the Chaotic Node of your ecosystem, is the stress of interpersonal communications. This is a very complex situation, and it is partly due to the shifts in magnetic fields upon your planet, making short-term memory and cognitive sequencing difficult during energetic shifts—and these energetic shifts are accelerating. Irrational behavior, desperation and feelings of utter hopelessness are on the rise. As the deterioration of both the ecosystem and interpersonal communications increase we anticipate even more cultural and social instability.

There is a growing sense among many that something is terribly wrong, and along with this is the feeling that there is no solution. In this instance we agree with something Albert Einstein once said, which is that the solution to a problem cannot be solved at the level of the problem. 

From our perspective, the escalation of Chaotic Nodes is creating tidal waves of intense chaotic energies that many of you are finding difficult to contend with. Furthermore, your automatic reflexive ways of dealing with change are increasingly ineffective.

There is a fork in the road, so to speak, that you have entered both individually and collectively. One path from this fork will lead you into a type of madness and an inability to function in practical ways. For those who take this fork, escapism will be on the rise. Self-destruction both individually and collectively will also increase in this period.

Many of you who have an opportunity to transition out of third-dimensional reality into other dimensions will take it.

Without mincing words, to use one of your phrases, we would say you are entering one of the more difficult passages of planetary transformation.

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