16 October 2014

Four Solid Days of Intense Light ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ 15 October 2014

Healing in Golden Sunlight ~ Ray Tapajna
I'll post this message in full because I don't have a fb account and therefore am unable to access the page. This message both assures and prepares us for more intense energies coming up! Heartfelt thanks to E for sending me this  :)

WE have gone through 4 solid days of intense LightBody/Energy Upgrades and they continue now, in yet just another part of that phase. The physical body has "taken on" a lot, while massive amounts of LIGHT inside activated. The energy body being tuned to these higher frequencies, the physical body gets depleted easily while tuned to merge with/integrate this massive amount of light. 

More nurturing and care necessary during this time. Sensitivities heightened, while one's consciousness expands and tunes to these new bandwidths. New tonal cords in the spine, more expanded telepathic abilities, new awareness, more veils lifted so that one can see clearer than they did before. 

Clarity is an aspect of one's higher self, without judgement or personal to get in the way. Observation in silence shows much and inner/connection time necessary for those desiring to understand more. 

We went through several weeks of chaos, upheaval, anger and fears running rampant all around. A PEACE portal opened yesterday and brought through the most magnificent energies for anchoring in. To watch/experience this occur is exquisite. Today a day of connection and receptiveness for hearing, seeing and honoring more. There has been much cleansing/clearing going on with the weather as much moves out in every way.
This week was a week to observe control issues surfacing as many tried to retain the constraints and limiting behaviors they'd previously put in place. The more the quantum field relaxes the more the human aspect fights to retain control. The words I used to hear were "resistance is futile"... how little we understand when this begins. 

Breaking down those barriers and the human aspect is not fun. It is necessary though if one is to expand. Each expansion lends to one's Merkaba activating a bit more. There have been many experiencing this intensely this week as they "work" to ascend. The physical body experiencing much physical pain as the old dense beliefs are unanchored within. Many are still surprised at how much was held in their separated organs, teeth and bones.
Crystalline (Crystals) activations, physically at an all time high. Many experiencing the outbreaks and pain in their hands, feet and more. When one's crystals activate this can be an intense physical discomfort and weird experience. pH balancing one's system is necessary to assist with this. Sun exposure will activate & speed this up, yet the swelling, heat & pain can be overwhelming while this occurs. Understanding it and assisting this process will definitely speed it up. The skin must peel off for the new skin and crystals to break up and one's STAR particles to become more visible. This is how we glisten, glow, transmit and more!

I have missed the interactions with all the last few weeks. I'll return in a few days to FB to write and share more in Light. 5th Dimensional Relationships have been another prominent theme. The understanding of these aspects showing more as all experience and expand in this area as well. So not like anything we experienced as our human aspects.
We must experience, observe and see beyond if we are to truly understand. The LeMUrian energies activating have triggered so much deep energy for this. All existences and experiences go beyond this physical plane. We access all of our aspects/dimensions and we tune them all in light. As we do, they synchronize and here we collapse old timelines and bring forth an alternate parallel to exist in.

Walking in a lucid dream takes total awareness, presence and the ability to transcend the human existence that we all once believed. REMEMBERING who you truly are is imperative if you desire to exercise your MASTERY here. 

I love you immensely and beyond here. May every moment be full of magic, awesomeness and love! 

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Author, Ancient/Master, NEW Earth Light Activator, Transmitter & Anchor here

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