27 October 2014

Healing With Balance ~ Untwine ~ 15 October 2014

If you've ever despaired over the opposing views of Lightworkers regarding the way changes can take place in the Ascension process, then this short but so wise message by Untwine would allay your feelings. When I read it, I was gobsmacked by the simplicity of Untwine's explanation and depth of clarity. My "A-ha" moment was so loud that I'm sure the people around me heard it (I was in a public place waiting for my daughter).

Let me provide a brief synopsis.

Some LWs strongly feel that they can go through this transition without any external assistance (thankfully, we are still being continuously assisted by the Cosmos in spite of how they think). Some others believe in being "saved", without necessarily doing their own inner work. Untwine connects these two extremes to an imbalance in the masculine/feminine energies.

I realise that there are many who already know the reasons for this, but I never looked at it from the perspective of an imbalance in energies. Now I know :)

Here for Untwine's enlightened observation.

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