27 October 2014

Homo Spiritus : The New Humans ~ Indigo Jack ~ 10 October 2014

Homo Spiritus, Homo Luminous (Dr Alberto Villoldo), Lumen Beings (Shunyamurti), Trivian Race (Richard Rudd), Muvarian (Noel Huntley)...the new Human race is being called many different names. We are evolving into Divine Humans, somewhat inelegantly at times, if I may say so :)

In this 10-minute video, Indigo Jack reminds us that we are transforming our carbon-12 base body into the lighter and luminous carbon-7 multi-dimensional Self through the assimilation of more photonic light that's flooding in from beyond the Sun.

Please watch the video here.

There's also an interview with Michelle Walling that you can listen to here for more details about this transition.


  1. Thanks Grace, scheduled for a re-post in a few hours over on http://www.transients.info

  2. You're most welcome welcome, Laron...Namaste :)