24 October 2014

I Got To See It ~ Mike @No More Sleeping ~ 23 October 2014


Mike describes his conscious dream of being on New Earth...the picture that he verbally paints is absolutely stunning ~ somehow I thought of the Hobbits' Shire when I read his description!

Mike also felt the pull of Home, what I would like to think of as our "homing signal" to make sure we don't forget, to keep the connection alive and to prevent us from getting totally lost:

"It’s the “pull” of the higher dimensions. Where we came from wants us to go back. Like a magnet. 

The higher dimensional universe tugs at us. It reaches down to us and pulls on us.

It tries to drag us back. And it’s not trying to drag us back because we’re “out of place” or “in the wrong area.” It tries to drag us back because it misses us. It truly misses our presence. The entire universe loves each one of us and wants us to go “home” and is saddened because we’re gone."

Please go hear to read the full depiction of the paradise we lost and are now working to regain.You will feel the tug to go Home, too :)  Apologies to Mike if the image I used is nothing like his dream :)

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