25 October 2014

Interview with Cobra by Rob Potter ~ 20 October 2014

The audio and the transcript for this interview are available on Rob's site:

Notes to follow later :)

**Update: 27 October 2014

Okay...I've read through the transcript, and even went to the audio to listen in for a bit. Let's just say that I didn't quite "get" what went on. I had the impression that something major and serious was going on, and I felt that Cobra had a degree of concern, almost like being on high alert. Or it could just be me :)

Anyway, I'll just do a very short summary because I'm feeling very distracted by it. (Reminder: it could just be my own "thing" and nothing to do with the interview.)

  • Progress on many fronts continues, although it is not yet at the point where we can set off the fireworks
  • The Ebola scare will not achieve their intended goal and we should not fall into that fear propaganda
  • Solar flares deliver activation energies
  • Powerful Goddess vortex in vicinity of Israel which they want to control
  • RM considered triggering The Event in 2012/2013 even without the complete clearing of the Chimera group but were guided not to proceed as the risk was too high
  • All transformative changes of the Shift to be completed by 2025.

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